Seahorse plans for 2.91.x series

Here's what I'm hoping to get done for seahorse in 2.91.x (and 3.0).

Seahorse 2.91.1 doesn't build with GNOME 2.91.1 jhbuild moduleset (as
you discovered Matthias). I'll try to get this working first, and
release 2.91.2.

The basic goal is to make seahorse a solid key (password, certificate)
manager, without much else. Other stuff lives elsewhere.

 * Port to GTK3 (anyone have time to help?)

 * libcryptui goes away. Functionality goes into gnome-keyring's libgcr.

 * seahorse-daemon goes away.

 * seahorse-sharing becomes its own project.

All of these have already been discussed on this list, and between the
main contributors to seahorse. But please feel free to pitch in with
further discussion and (better) contributions.



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