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Hi Chris

I should be ok with the standard download. I generally install kde-full and gnome and that's what uses up the time. I was wondering though if I compile from the source is debian going to put the install in directories that will mess me up in the future (eg /usr/local/) the way compiling sawfish 1.8.1 did?


On Mon, May 30, 2011 at 8:42 AM, Christopher Roy Bratusek <nano tuxfamily org> wrote:
Am 30.05.2011 17:30, schrieb Christopher Roy Bratusek:

W: Failed to fetch

your apt-line is correct, but my repo only includes amd64 and source ;)


If you have a bandwith like that, you should download the sources from my repo for fast install, as I'm using Tar/XZ for compression, way smaller than Tar/GZ or Tar/BZ2. Additionally I could provide you a compressed GIT Bundle or similar for initial checkout, it would save several MB for you (you only would need to do `git pull' and that's it).


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