Re: `position' in rep...?

Am 29.05.2011 16:40, schrieb Jeremy Hankins:
Christopher Roy Bratusek<nano tuxfamily org>  writes:

You would need it for every GtkComboBox in SawfishConfig, to set the
initial value, to what the user previously selected (or to what the
default value is).
Ah, ok.  Then yeah, I think you are supposed to loop through. ;)  I'm
not sure that rep really needs a position function -- in most cases it's
just going to encourage non-lispy lisp programming, I think.  In those
situations where you need one just include something like this:

Including it in sawfish.gtk.widgets should be enough. I just wondered, why other LISP
(Emacs/Common-Lisp) do have one, but we don't. ;)


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