Re: ... bumping minimum GTK+ to 2.24 (?)

Am 29.05.2011 10:46, schrieb Christopher Roy Bratusek:
Am 29.05.2011 10:15, schrieb Christopher Roy Bratusek:
Hi all,

as you maybe already noticed, I'm currently updating the widgets in the misc-1.9 branch ('file, 'font at the moment). While heading over to 'frame-style widget, I noticed, it would be best to use GtkComboBoxText widget. But: this widget requires GTK+ 2.24. Now I wanted to know whether bumping requirement for Sawfish 1.9 and rep-gtk 0.90.7/8 to that version. All distros I've checked ship that version, except Debian/Stable, which ships 2.20 (...).


Attached is a patch to implement the widget in rep-gtk, with example added (deprecated GtkComboBoxEntry dropped).


OK. Second patch: updated (:type choice) widget for SawfishConfig (took a bit, until I found the correct way of getting the symbol from a translated string, but it's fine now). Good News: (:type symbol) will become an alias (for backwards-compat) to (:type choice), so stuff like 'focus-mode or 'placement-mode values will
also be translatable then.

Ahh... and there's a byte-compiler warning. I couldn't find a syntax which both works and shuts the compiler up.

diff --git a/lisp/sawfish/gtk/widget.jl b/lisp/sawfish/gtk/widget.jl
index 1c7bf93..2cea426 100644
--- a/lisp/sawfish/gtk/widget.jl
+++ b/lisp/sawfish/gtk/widget.jl
@@ -187,38 +187,28 @@
 ;;; Predefined widget constructors
   (define (make-choice-item changed-callback . options)
-    (let ((omenu (gtk-option-menu-new))
-	  (menu (gtk-menu-new))
-	  (value (or (caar options) (car options))))
-      (let loop ((rest options)
-		 (last nil))
-	(when rest
-	  (let ((button (gtk-radio-menu-item-new-with-label-from-widget
-			 last (_ (or (cadar rest)
-				     (symbol-name (car rest)))))))
-	    (gtk-menu-shell-append menu button)
-	    (gtk-widget-show button)
-	    (g-signal-connect button "toggled"
-			      (lambda (w)
-				(when (gtk-check-menu-item-active w)
-				  (setq value (or (caar rest) (car rest)))
-				  (call-callback changed-callback))))
-	    (loop (cdr rest) button))))
-      (gtk-option-menu-set-menu omenu menu)
-      (gtk-widget-show-all omenu)
+    (let ((combo (gtk-combo-box-text-new)))
+      (let loop ((rest options))
+        (when rest
+          (let ((append (gtk-combo-box-text-append-text combo
+                          (_ (or (cadar rest)
+                                 (symbol-name (car rest)))))))
+            (loop (cdr rest)))))
+      (when changed-callback
+	(g-signal-connect combo "changed"
+			  (make-signal-callback changed-callback)))
+      (gtk-widget-show combo)
       (lambda (op)
 	(case op
 	  ((set) (lambda (x)
-		   (setq value x)
-		   (let ((idx (option-index options x)))
-		     (gtk-option-menu-set-history omenu (or idx 0))
-		     (do ((i 0 (1+ i))
-			  (rest (gtk-container-get-children menu) (cdr rest)))
-			 ((null rest))
-		       (gtk-check-menu-item-set-active (car rest) (= i idx))))))
+		   (gtk-combo-box-set-active combo (position x options))))
 	  ((clear) nop)
-	  ((ref) (lambda () value))
-	  ((gtk-widget) omenu)
+	  ((ref) (lambda () (string->symbol (symbol-name (nth (gtk-combo-box-get-active combo) options)))))
+	  ((gtk-widget) combo)
 	  ((validp) (lambda (x) (option-index options x)))))))
   (define-widget-type 'choice make-choice-item)
@@ -521,6 +511,14 @@
   (define string->symbol intern)
+  (define (position item l)
+    (let loop ((rest l)
+               (i 0))
+         (if (equal item (car rest))
+             i
+           (if rest
+               (loop (cdr rest) (1+ i))))))
   (define (option-index lst x)
     (let loop ((i 0) (rest lst))
       (cond ((null rest) nil)

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