Documentation for starting custom.el customisation

So, I've got a VERY old custom.el which does things which I set up about ten 
years ago, maybe more, when sawfish was the default Gnome WM. I'd like to 
update this to work more appropriately with the latest version and to fix a 
few niggles (like the focus which is now much more sophisticated and sort-of 
works for some of the things I want but some of them it doesn't work well). 
While I am a Lisp programmer, though not much of an active one, crafting 
things to customise the system requires knowledge not just of Lisp but of the 
hooks for things like mouse and keyboard events. Is there a good set of 
documentation for the common hooks that people might want to use to change 
default behaviour on things like particular mouse clicks (one of the things 
that doesn't work properly at the moment is distinction between button-down 
and button-up which doesn't seem to have been a distinction when my custom.el 
was written. I have looked around the wikia page a bit but there doesn't seem 
to be a basic starting set of documentation for custom.el writing. If the 
more experienced developers could provide this, I think it would be a great 
way to get people into programming sawfish and possibly lead to extra 
developers getting involved.

Professor Andrew A Adams                      aaa meiji ac jp
Professor at Graduate School of Business Administration,  and
Deputy Director of the Centre for Business Information Ethics
Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan

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