Re: Sawfish 1.8.0 and Fedora

> Also sawfish, librep and rep-gtk rpms were for some time available
> at even if this URL does not seem to be
> valid anymore.

I had old 1.7.x Sawfish there. I moved to Fedora 15 rawhide before 1.8.0
was released so I can't compile it for Fedora 14 anymore.

Anyway, the URL is valid again. It contains compile instructions
instead of rpms now.

> Much more serious challenge would be to investigate how to make
> sawfish at least "reasonable" in an upcoming Fedora 15.  With
> radical changes there this may turn out to be difficult.

Fedora 15 is coming too soon. Fedora 16 maybe? I don't know if
they will have some policy for gtk2 vs. gtk3.

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