Re: Sawfish 1.8.0 and Fedora

Kim B. Heino wrote:
: > 	Alternatively, it would be possible to add the .spec files
: > to the source tarballs themselves (for sawfish, librep, and rep-gtk).
: The updated and maintained spec file is already included in the
: tarballs. Sawfish 1.8.0 compiles for Fedora and RHEL6 by simply doing:

	Interesting, I did not notice that.

	However, I think it would still be interesting to put Sawfish into
Fedora (and EPEL).

	I have briefly looked into the sawfish .spec file, and there
is a minor flaw which my own .spec file does not have:

Requires: librep >= 0.91.0, rep-gtk >= 0.90.4

- apparently, sawfish requires also librep-devel. Otherwise it complains
during startup about some missing file (I don't remember exactly,
just try to install it without librep-devel on a clean machine).


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