Re: Sawfish 1.8.0 and Fedora

> 	Alternatively, it would be possible to add the .spec files
> to the source tarballs themselves (for sawfish, librep, and rep-gtk).

The updated and maintained spec file is already included in the
tarballs. Sawfish 1.8.0 compiles for Fedora and RHEL6 by simply doing:

  rpmbuild -ta librep-0.91.1.tar.bz2
  # install librep + librep-devel
  rpmbuild -ta rep-gtk-0.90.5.tar.bz2
  # install...
  rpmbuild -ta sawfish-1.8.0.tar.bz2
  # install...

> The only problem is that the .spec files contain the version number

This is already handled in with @version@ macro.

The only minor problem is that ChangeLog part doesn't include correct
version number. rpmlint gives a warning for it, nothing else...

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