Re: Shrinking Vertical Size of Window

On Fri, Jun 10, 2011 at 10:12:42AM +0200, Andrea Vettorello wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 10, 2011 at 12:47 AM, Alan McConnell <alan patriot net> wrote:

	.  .  .  .

> >        I don't even know how to set up .sawfish/ in my home directory
> >        properly.
> >
> > Many thanks in advance for additional pointers!
> You can manually add the bind to your ~/.sawfishrc as suggested by dmg
      My directory is called ~/.sawfish  ; but I think this is not
      important, since when I play with the "Sawfish Configurator",
      the file ~/.sawfish/custom  changes.  (I regard this as a
      sign that I'm making progress<g>)

> So open the sawfish-ui, go to the "Bindings" section, select the
> "Window" context and click on the "Add" button, select the function
> you are interested (in this case "Resize window interactively") and
> associate a key/mouse combination, in my case the bind is
> "Super-Button1-Click", you can manually insert it or you can use the
> "Grab" button, it will (try to) translate the next key/mouse
> combination with the corresponding string.
  	      I tried the "Super-Button1-Click" I tried the "Grab";
	      each time the  custom   file mentioned above changed.
	      But I didn't achieve nuttin, as far as I could tell.

	      Let me shoot for the following goal:  I'd like to
	      place my mouse somewhere _inside_ the window, then
	      press on Meta(same as ESC, for sawfish as for Emacs,
	      right?) and then, pressing on e.g. Button1, be able
	      to drag the window around.  If I can do this, then
   	      I can get to the bottom of the window by shoving it

	      Andrea, and probably many others, can give me the
	      exact instructions on how to do this.  And that will
	      be my "Hello, World" moment in sawfish configuration!



Alan McConnell :
        It is difficult to get a man to understand something when 
        his income depends on his not understanding it.

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