Re: [sawfish] Re: `position' in rep...?

Am 09.06.2011 16:57, schrieb Eli Barzilay:
8 hours ago, nano tuxfamily org wrote:
I don't see this branch at git://
That's the old GIT Repo, see Wiki (Download>  GIT) or for new GIT Repo on Tuxfamily.
Bah.  Is there any reason not to make the old page point to the new
one?  Also, changing the wikipedia page will help getting the new one
to come up higher in google results etc.

Two hours ago, Jeremy Hankins wrote:
<nano tuxfamily org>  writes:

check from sawfish-client:

client>  (setq mylist ("a" "b" "c"))
This should generate an error (possibly in .xsession-errors?) and
leave mylist unset, as it attempts to set mylist to the function "a"
called with "b" and "c".

Of course. SawfishConfig generates widget like: (choice a b c)

= choice-widget (GtkComboBoxText)
= option-list ("a" "b" "c")

Yeah, that's something that I find very annoying with sawfish-client
-- the fact that errors are sent to stderr only, and not to the
client.  Makes the repl much less useful.

I had a look recently, maybe I'll find the issue. explicitely chaning standard-error didn't help. Though scripts/sawfish-client.jl looks like it wants to output std-err ot std-out but it doesn't seem to work.


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