Re: [sawfish] Re: `position' in =?UTF-8?Q?rep=2E=2E=2E=3F?=

> I don't see this branch at git://

That's the old GIT Repo, see Wiki (Download > GIT) or for new GIT Repo on Tuxfamily.

> 5 hours ago, Christopher Roy Bratusek wrote:
>> [...]
>> Now I've seen the problem:
>> (a b c) Vs '(a b c)
> That sounds like it was a different problem...

Yes, your position func works with 

'(a b c) lists, but SawfishConfig 'choice and 'symbol widgets produce (a b
c) lists, and thus always nil is returned.

check from sawfish-client:

client > (setq mylist ("a" "b" "c"))
client > (position "a" mylist)
client > () ;; though that's not shown

client > (setq mylist '("a" "b" "c"))
client > (position "a" mylist)
client > 0 ;; working

sorry for the confusing first mail.


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