Re: `position' in rep...?

Am 01.06.2011 09:56, schrieb Teika Kazura:
On Sun, 29 May 2011 16:47:07 +0200, Christopher Roy Bratusek wrote:
Including [position] in sawfish.gtk.widgets should be enough.
Please put it in librep. There're too many wm.misc functions which
should have been put in librep.

Teika (Teika kazura)

# Installed sawfish-1.8.90. Thanks.

OK. There's now rep.util.misc which atm contains string->symbol and position (both from sawfish.gtk.widget). Storing here comes in hand, as several widgets in sawfish.gtk/cfg.widgets.* will (in the future) need position func, too.

So if you have any more you would like to see in REP, leave a note.


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