On Sawfish 1.9

Hi all,

summary of Sawfish 1.9 for everyone who hasn't followed yet:

Release-Date: Thu, 22nd Dec

Planned Pre-Releases: Beta 1 (1.8.90 around end of August)
                                   Beta 2 (1.8.91 around end of October)
RC (1.8.92 around beginning of December)


master: simple stuff and merging of SwafishMMC (more on that later this mail) misc-1.9: misc stuff, like adding new features from Wiki-Scripts, improving SawfishConfig (30% done) edge-actions-1.9: all EA related stuff for 1.9 (85% done, unless someone comes up with a new idea) theming-1.9: more general theming-options for all themes, rather than theme-specific stuff (40% done) gtk-1.9: not yet opened: since 1.9 will require GTK+ 2.24, I'll also update part of the GTK+ stuff in C-Code


I'll meet Michal Maruska at IRC this weekend, and we'll begin merging then. He said he'll write some mails
to the ML (on what should get higher prio and stuff)


librep: usual minor work and import funcs from Sawfish which should be in REP
rep-gtk: clean-up, fixup and extended API provided for SawfishConfig in 1.9
sawfish-pager: go on with updating GTK+ stuff in C-Code

Yeah, that's it basically.

As always, you're welcomed to raise comments, ideas and code-contributions ;)


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