Re: On Sawfish 1.9


> I'll meet Michal Maruska at IRC this weekend, and we'll begin merging then.
> He said he'll write some mails
> to the ML (on what should get higher prio and stuff)

the emails will arrive a bit later, as I was busy all this week. And
being offline for the next 10 days, the
IRC meeting will happen only thereafter. However I git pullled & will
try to rebase my work.

Lately my thoughts (and my plans for the first email) have been around
how to distribute releases.
I use ubuntu and my personal PPAs ( I
also use gitorious ( [1])
 as a central repository to synchronize between my workstations.

I release often -- to fix bugs & experiment with features -- (not
specifically sawfish), and distribute
through the PPA to a couple of people (by pinning with priority 1001,
so my versions of standard packages are preferred).
But I start to see the point of having the experimental & stable branches:
after a while I like to rewrite my git commits into logical branches &
merges thereof.

So, I am using this workflow:

1/  code & git commit
2/ debuild --rootcmd=fakeroot --no-tgz-check && debi
3/ git push  to synchronize

3/ after a while, I want to release, so I have this sequence:

git-dch  --release
git add debian/changelog; git commit -m release
git-buildpackage --git-tag "--git-debian-tag=experimental/%(version)s"
&& debi --debs-dir ../build-area/
git-buildpackage -S && debrelease -S  --debs-dir=../build-area --dput

(admittely, i have my wrapper  mygit-buildpackage which adds the
"--git-prebuild=./auto" if ./auto exists,
to the invocation of git-buildpackage).  could be as well.

This way, I don't store in git  various files generated/provided by
automake &co.  (config.*  ltmain. libtool install-sh etc.)

I just generate them in the ./auto, so that they _are_ in the debian
source package.

ok, next time I will surely be sawfish specific, although what I care
more is the migration from rep to some better Scheme
possibly with JNI compatible interface).

regards, Michal  and sorry for telling Chris at the last moment

[1]  I was planning to answer to Teika's  (Not Sawfish) Hand health
and my "handy modifier" hack       with pointing at
my  "fork" extensions to Xorg, but for lack of time ....

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