Re: cant configure rep-gtk-0.90.4

On 15/01/11 03:33, Irfan wrote:

I am fairly new to linux. Currently I have Fedora 14 installed. I want to use
sawfish as my wm, and started compiling the packaged. Manged to get
librep-0.91.0 installed, but now the configure script fails with the following

checking for LIBREP ... no
configure: error: can not locate librep

I am lost here, can someone please point me in the right direction ?

Thanks a lot

I've just run through compiling and installing on F14 w/o a problem.

I start from the git sources, remove the .git directory, run "./", copy the librep.spec file to ~/rpmbuild/SPECS, "tar -czf librep-0.91.1.tar.bz2 librep-0.91.1"
and copy that to ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES, then "rpmbuild -bb librep.spec".

Before you move on to do rep-gtk you need to install librep - use yum or rpm for this.

Like Chris says, try "rpm -q pkgconfig" to confirm it is installed, but I can't see that it won't be for an software developer install, and the librep build may even use it - ah yes, from the log of the build (use "script librep.log" to keep a record):

checking pkg-config is at least version 0.9.0... yes

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