Re: ongoing problem with enter-exit focus

On Thursday 13 January 2011 20:03:30 Mark Diekhans wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> I have been having an ongoing issue with enter-exit focus and
> sawfish.
> Frequently, when the mouse enters the window, it gets mouse
> focus (as indicated by the pull down menus for the particular
> application). The title bar color changes, however keyboard
> focus remains on the previous window.  Typing anything goes to
> the wrong application.  Moving the mouse out of the window and
> back in again will fix keyboard focus.

which application?

Also "pull down menu" ... which one exactly (in case you know), if it's a 
deprecated GtkCombo/GtkComboEntry when the issue is known (but won't be fixed, 
as it's a bug with this widget only, which was replaced by GtkComboBox/Entry 
years ago and will be completely removed in GTK+3).

> I just upgraded to sawfish 1.7.0 (compiled from source), and
> since it still exists, I have become determined to track it
> down. This occurs running on various GNU/Linux systems, most
> current being Ubuntu 10.10.
> custom file attached.  Suggestions on how to debug appreciated.
> Thanks for all the great work,
> mark

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