Re: cant configure rep-gtk-0.90.4


	Back in December, when I converted to Fedora 14, I upgraded my sawfish
build to librep-0.91.0, rep-gtk-0.90.2, and sawfish-1.7.1.  The only
configuration issue that I found was that rep-gtk and sawfish don't quite agree
with librep on the spec for the include file directory.  Make this change in prior to configure, build, and install:


should be


Then when you do configure, build, and install for rep-gtk and sawfish, they 
will be able to find librep's include files.

	Sawfish maintainers --- this incompatibility has been around for a while
now. Might be something to look at. Arguably, it's not a problem in librep, 
rather a problem in source code for rep-gtk and sawfish (use #include rep.h
instead of #include rep/rep.h, & similar).


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