Maximizing windows, resizing windows, placement

	Hello, all!

I have the following problems, and I wonder whether I can solve them wihtout
programming in LISP :-)

1. maximizing windows
I want to have hot-keys for maximizing windows horizontally, vertically,
and horizontally+vertically. Currently I use

Super+V for maximize-widow-vertically-toggle
Super+H for maximize-widow-horizontally-toggle
Super+M for maximize-widow-toggle

This works _almost_ as I expect, except when the window is already maximized
in other direction than the requested one: I would like the window to become
maximized in and only in the requested direction in all cases,
_except_ when it is already maximized in and only in the requested direction
(it should become un-maximized then).

For example, when I do maximize-window-toggle on a vertically maximized window,
I expect it to become maximized to the whole screen. Instead, it becomes
un-maximized. Similarily, when I do maximize-window-vertically-toggle on
a fully maximized window, it becomes maximized horizontally, while I expect it
to be maximized vertically.

2. resizing windows interactively
I would like to modify the resize-window-interactively to start resizing
window only after the cursor reaches the window border (the same way as
e.g. twm works). Currently sawfish starts resizing the window as soon as
I move the cursor.

3. window placement
I use first-fit window placement method.
When I have a full-screen application running, I want the new window to be
placed near the cursor instead of top-left position. The rationale is,
that when working in a full-screen app, I sometimes need to open
a chat window for an incoming jabber message. My jabber client has its icon
in a bottom-edge panel, and after clicking on it, I have to traverse the whole
screen size to the top-left corner, where the new window is opened.



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