Re: Maximizing windows, resizing windows, placement

 Jan Kasprzak twisted the bytes to say:

 Jan> 	Hello, all!
 Jan> I have the following problems, and I wonder whether I can solve them wihtout
 Jan> programming in LISP :-)

 Jan> 1. maximizing windows
 Jan> =====================
 Jan> I want to have hot-keys for maximizing windows horizontally, vertically,
 Jan> and horizontally+vertically. Currently I use

 Jan> Super+V for maximize-widow-vertically-toggle
 Jan> Super+H for maximize-widow-horizontally-toggle
 Jan> Super+M for maximize-widow-toggle

This will give you an idea. This function is used when I rotate the
screen, and the window has been maximized but it is now outside the screen.

By checking the current maximization, you can easily write your own
function that toggles in the order you want.


(defun dmg-remaximize-window (w )
  "remaximize the given window"
  (interactive "%W")
        (let* (
               (m  (window-maximized-p w))
               (h  (window-maximized-horizontally-p w))
               (v  (window-maximized-vertically-p w))
	  (if (and m)
		(unmaximize-window w)
		(dmg-move-window-inside w)
		 ((and v h)
		  (maximize-window w)
		  ) ; and v h
		 ((and v)
		  (maximize-window-vertically w)
		  ) ; and v
                 (maximize-window-horizontally w)
                ) ; end cond
            ) ; end progn
            (dmg-move-window-inside w)
	  ) ; end let

 Jan> This works _almost_ as I expect, except when the window is already maximized
 Jan> in other direction than the requested one: I would like the window to become
 Jan> maximized in and only in the requested direction in all cases,
 Jan> _except_ when it is already maximized in and only in the requested direction
 Jan> (it should become un-maximized then).

 Jan> For example, when I do maximize-window-toggle on a vertically maximized window,
 Jan> I expect it to become maximized to the whole screen. Instead, it becomes
 Jan> un-maximized. Similarily, when I do maximize-window-vertically-toggle on
 Jan> a fully maximized window, it becomes maximized horizontally, while I expect it
 Jan> to be maximized vertically.

 Jan> 2. resizing windows interactively
 Jan> =================================
 Jan> I would like to modify the resize-window-interactively to start resizing
 Jan> window only after the cursor reaches the window border (the same way as
 Jan> e.g. twm works). Currently sawfish starts resizing the window as soon as
 Jan> I move the cursor.

 Jan> 3. window placement
 Jan> ===================
 Jan> I use first-fit window placement method.
 Jan> When I have a full-screen application running, I want the new window to be
 Jan> placed near the cursor instead of top-left position. The rationale is,
 Jan> that when working in a full-screen app, I sometimes need to open
 Jan> a chat window for an incoming jabber message. My jabber client has its icon
 Jan> in a bottom-edge panel, and after clicking on it, I have to traverse the whole
 Jan> screen size to the top-left corner, where the new window is opened.

 Jan> 	Thanks,

 Jan> -Yenya

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