Re: RFC: librep without .la files, rep-gtk combined

On Saturday 02 April 2011 16:00:55 Kim B. Heino wrote:
> > BTW: there's no sawfish-pager package.
> Added. I'll add it to Fedora bugzilla too as soon as we are ready to
> continue.

... sorry for the delay, but: Bastille + Libtool = Headache...

(Bastille contains a script to secure /tmp, which leads libtool to make dirs 
like /usr/lib/rep/ to be 700 rather than 644, either way without those scripts 
-so to say on an ordinary linux distro- the dirs are installed as 755 rather 
than 644, that doesn't hurt, but I only expect binaries & co to be 755 (...) 
I'll never make friends with libtool, I guess)

Either way, I'll commit both of your patches now.


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