Gnome-panel auto-(un)hide problem

So, I upgraded to 1.8.0 from the rpms offered by 

I use gnome-panel with the autohide function, and the gnome virtual desktop 
pager (not sure if this second is relevant). The gnome panel autohides, but 
then I can't get it to unhide. I suspect this is something to do with 
edge-actions. I don't want any workspace edge-actions, as I use the keyboard 
and gnome pager to shift between workspaces. So, any advice on how to set 
things up so that my panel will autounhide? I've had to switch of auto-hide 
for the present to make my system usable again.

Professor Andrew A Adams                      aaa meiji ac jp
Professor at Graduate School of Business Administration,  and
Deputy Director of the Centre for Business Information Ethics
Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan

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