Re: Gnome-panel auto-(un)hide problem

On Saturday 02 April 2011 12:57:03 Andrew A. Adams wrote:
> So, I upgraded to 1.8.0 from the rpms offered by
> I use gnome-panel with the autohide function, and the gnome virtual desktop
> pager (not sure if this second is relevant). The gnome panel autohides, but
> then I can't get it to unhide. I suspect this is something to do with
> edge-actions. I don't want any workspace edge-actions, as I use the keyboard
> and gnome pager to shift between workspaces. So, any advice on how to set
> things up so that my panel will autounhide? I've had to switch of auto-hide
> for the present to make my system usable again.

for now set the top-bottom-action in SawfishConfig to none/hot-spot and in 

(defvar-setq bottom-edge-function
  (lambda () (raise-window (get-window-by-class "WHATEVER" #:regex t))))

(or top-edge if it's there.)

Sawfish 1.8.1 will ship a defcustom to disable EA.


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