Re: RFC: librep without .la files, rep-gtk combined

> > While trying to get Sawfish into Fedora I had to remove libtool's
> > .la files from rpm.  By doing that everything broke.

> You *might* be able to get the packages approved as-is, if you pointed
> out that...

I rather not do that. IMHO, current way to use *.la is a kludge and
should be fixed.

> so removing the *.la files shouldn't be that painful--as
> you've discovered.

Yes, it was actually quite easy. I'm still running the patched version
without problems. If you or somebody else want to test the patches or
comment about the spec files:

Files dated 02-Apr-2011 are the patched versions.

Speaking of Fedora, librep is now approved. I asked to wait before
continuing to rep-gtk - this la-problem has to be solved first.

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