Re: [ANNOUNCE] Sawfish-Pager "Ti Ta TNT" 0.7.3

On 26/01/10 02:25, Daniel Fetchinson wrote:
Sawfish-Pager "Ti Ta TNT" just awaits to be downloaded!

Get it

Out of curiosity, why do you use Sawfish-Pager?

On my gnome based fedora distro I use the supplied "Workspace
Switcher" which does the sort of things that I remember happened with
Pager back when it was needed (and docked) with earlier gnomes.

I don't use GNOME, so I don't use it's pager. In addition in GNOMEs
Pager you can't distinguish between Worspaces and Viewports, whilst you
can set different framecolors for both. Also Sawfish Pager has
additional options, say drawing via hatching, marking the current
viewport, and so on. GNOMEs Pager is enough if you don't heavily use
Viewports but Sawfish Pager is better. (It's the same with that M
thing, it basically works, but Sawfish does the job better :P )

I use a single workspace with 3x2 viewports.
Does Pager have the capability to switch viewports when the mouse dwells
on the viewport boundary?

I have similar settings and the feature you are looking for is edge
flipping and has nothing to do with a pager. I use only sawfish itself
and with sawfish-ui/sawfish-config you can activate edge flipping.


Yeah, that's the sort of thing. I looked through sawfish-config and couldn't see anything relevant to viewports. Is it perchance an extension to the basic sawfish?

Looking at Chris' example sawfishrc I see "require 'sawfish.wm.ext.edge-flip" which sounds like what I need if it applies to viewports, but I can't see anything in sawfish-config that it relates to.

I don't have any .sawfishrc at the moment, so I'll try adding in snippets from the example rc and see what I get - a new item in sawfish-config I hope.

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