Re: [ANNOUNCE] Sawfish-Pager "Ti Ta TNT" 0.7.3

>>>> Sawfish-Pager "Ti Ta TNT" just awaits to be downloaded!
>>>> Get it
>>>> ======
>>> Out of curiosity, why do you use Sawfish-Pager?
>>> On my gnome based fedora distro I use the supplied "Workspace
>>> Switcher" which does the sort of things that I remember happened with
>>> Pager back when it was needed (and docked) with earlier gnomes.
>> I don't use GNOME, so I don't use it's pager. In addition in GNOMEs
>> Pager you can't distinguish between Worspaces and Viewports, whilst you
>> can set different framecolors for both. Also Sawfish Pager has
>> additional options, say drawing via hatching, marking the current
>> viewport, and so on. GNOMEs Pager is enough if you don't heavily use
>> Viewports but Sawfish Pager is better. (It's the same with that M
>> thing, it basically works, but Sawfish does the job better :P )
> I use a single workspace with 3x2 viewports.
> Does Pager have the capability to switch viewports when the mouse dwells
> on the viewport boundary?

I have similar settings and the feature you are looking for is edge
flipping and has nothing to do with a pager. I use only sawfish itself
and with sawfish-ui/sawfish-config you can activate edge flipping.


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