Re: head and window

Teika Kazura <teika lavabit com> writes:
> Thank you very much, Jeremy.

No problem.

> Ok, maybe I considered the ideal definition too much. (I wrongly
> thought Janek's case was related to this problem, but no, so forget
> it.)
> So precise documentation on the behavior of current-head will suffice
> for now, I think. Could you please do it, Jeremy? The new func
> 'window-head' is not to be done now, since it will more or less
> involve the precise head location stated in my previous message, but
> we're not yet sure what is the good solution. (The straightforward 
> one is easy, but then you have to fix all calls to current-head.)

What's wrong with the way that current-head does it -- i.e., the head a
window occupies is the head the center of the window occupies.  I'm
pretty sure that any "better" solution would in fact be worse, because
it'd be more complicated.  This way you'll get the best possible answer
99.9% of the time anyway.  The only case I can think of where it
wouldn't be the best answer would be if the window is two or more times
the size of the head, in which case there isn't really a correct answer
to begin with.

Putting in the new window-head function would be really easy, and I
don't feel right saying "don't use this to find the head of a window" in
the docs for current-head without providing a way to find the head of a

Jeremy Hankins <nowan nowan org>

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