Re: The get rid of thing (chapter 3)

>> I think this is a great idea, having all services centralized to one
>> site. Having a one-stop-shop for all things sawfish would make
>> everyone's life much easier, so I would also support moving the wikia
>> website to the new location since I don't see any particular advantage
>> with wikia over tuxfamily.
> Currently, only two work regularly in Wiki; I'm the most active,
> and Chris. Now, only two are on a regular basis in writing codes;
> Chris and I. ;)
> I know Wiki is poor and needs more work. In such situation, I don't
> see any reason that the transition is more important then writing more
> contents.
> Anyway, we can't afford it. That's why Chris referred to it as 'in
> theory'.

I fully agree. I only mentioned that perhaps moving the wiki is a good
idea because I got the feeling from Chris' email that he wants to
centralize things to tuxfamily. This in itself would be a good idea I
think, but I agree with you that writing documentation is much more


Psss, psss, put it down! -

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