Re: Icons in the wininfo when cycling

On Mon, 1 Feb 2010 21:02:06 -0800, dmg wrote:
> wouldn't be a good idea to stash [patch in icon] in branches in the
> git repo? 

It may be due to my limited skill in git, but I don't think so, since
* branch cannot have annotation.
* tag is poor.

Furthermore, at least from command line, there's no way to cleanly
manage 10 branches. (One global namespace for branches and tags.)
I put prefix to my local branches like "done/" for pushed,
"work/" for my own ordinary branches, "cont/" for branch which prefers
repeated "commit --amend" like doc fix, etc. But it's ugly way.

On the other hand, in wiki there're only 4 related pages, 
"Proposed goals", "Long term todos", "Snippets", and "Scripts".

You can give readable notes (bold, link, etc), and when it gets
complicated, you can classify things there.

> at least the code does not get lost

Currently, I'm watching the mailing list. I put a link to ML archive
in wiki if it can't be handled immediately, like this icon patch, so
there's no fear of loss. If things are not processed yet, they're
unread yet, or stashed in my mailboxes like "teika/keep",
"teika/technical", etc. I haven't forgotten your patches. Don't
worry. :)

# I've worked a lot recently in ML, and I have 70 mails left in my
# sawfish mailbox. But 30 of them are sent by me.

That's why I can't write much code. Most of time is spent in ML.

Well, the problem is the wiki is pooly organized, and people don't look
at wiki so much.

Teika (Teika kazura)

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