Re: Icons in the wininfo when cycling

Hi, Fabrice. I like your idea. It won't be immediately adopted.  Let
me clarify the things here.

* In wm/util/display-wininfo.jl, displayed icon size is hardcoded. It has
  to be the option.
* Although applications often provide icons of several sizes, Sawfish
  makes only one, and as you said, it seems to be the smaller one.
  It has to be fixed. The icon is obtained in (window-icon-image w)
  defined in src/windows.c. (I don't know anything about icon spec.)
* Override of icons by users. It's great, but match is done only by
  name. If we combine it with "window rules", it'll be more flexible.

I'll note this item as a todo in Wiki. Je te remercie.

Teika (Teika kazura)

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