Re: Questionnaire 3 on Sawfish usage

[Better late than never]

teika lavabit com (2010-08-07 at 0747.34 +0900):
> Hi, here comes the third questionnaire on Sawfish usage.
> The previous results are summarized at:
> 1. What's your theme? Any comments on Sawfish theme?

Own. Basically square 4 pix frame except titlebar 16 pix. Some slight
abstract colouring. Important details: buttons reach edges, and their
order (max, min, right aligned title, close), so screen edges can be
used to hit buttons easier and name is near close.

> 2. Why you switched to Sawfish? Is there any feature lacking in
>    Sawfish, but was present in your previous window manager?
>    (a question by Alexey Froloff. Sorry Alexey for postponing a year.)

It became GNOME WM. Before it was E and FVWM (with some test of others
like WindowMaker etc) so it went from lots of features to even more.

> 3. What's your trayer, if you're using Sawfish standalone?
>    (by Daniel Fetchinson)


> 4. How do you switch the window? After all, it's the window manager. :)

Keys (hack of merlin cycle code & sf menus, with a handful of WS/VP to
classify and reduce the number of windows to small set at a time) or
mouse motion (and sometimes click), depends where hands are already.

> 5. Do you switch the screen resolution? If so, tell us your related
>    hacks, or what you want there.

Not currently. I could find it important if use projectors, but not
the case latelly.


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