Re: Dark-Tab theme modifications

Janek Kozicki said:     (by the date of Tue, 31 Aug 2010 12:48:10 +0200)

> But in fact if I want to release a window from tabgroup I want also
> to move it away, is it possible with a single binding?

I did it! I can join windows, and then drag them away. Previously
everything was in "Window" context, now, joining is in "Window"

  Super-Button1-Off 'tab add to group'

And tearing away is in "Title" context:

  Super-Button1-Click 'tab release window'
  Super-Button1-Move  'move window interactively'

And since dragging is involved, the "refresh" bug does not apply
any more. The titles are redrawn due to dragging.

> And last thing - I like my windows to have "corners" thicker by one
> pixel. This is shown in green on attached screenshot. In mxflat theme
> I could configure the width of those corners. In Dark-Tab I have
> edited *border*png images to have one row of pixels transparent
> except on the edges. But Now this corner size depends on the window
> width, while in mxflat it was constant. Perhaps this is too difficult
> to do. Why do I like it? When a window is maximized I can still reach
> the sawfish menu by middle click on desktop, because there's one
> pixel on the edges of the screen where background is still visible
> and clickable.

I forgot to add here: if I want a window really fullscreen, I do
fullscreen without borders. If I don't want - then I have what I said
above - I have access to rootmenu (and rox panels) on the screen
edges, thanks to one-pixel empty space :)

To summarise this and previous email, current problems are:

- removing program icon
- 22 pixel long window corners

- (maybe make rotating title text in vertical themes)
- (maybe fix "overlapping" bug)

best regards

PS: in case if you wanted to have a look - I'm attaching my currently
modified Dark-Tab theme. I tried to rename it to some other name, but
then I was getting errors when trying to switch to it...

Janek Kozicki                       |

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