Dark-Tab theme modifications


my HDD crashed (no data loss, thanks to rsnapshot), and I had to turn
off my computer. And so, since I'm was at rebooting it and spending
time on computer maintenance I updated my debian squeeze installation
and also I installed latest sawfish and I love it! Again!

Next, I have adapted Dark-Tab theme to look just like I want it to:
so it is just like my previously used mxflat theme. But now I can use
tabs with my favorite theme :)

But, I could use some help :)

- how to draw the window title text as centered?
- how to disable program icon on top left corner?

There seems to be a bug somewhere, that after releasing a window the
titlebar of both windows is not redrawn until a window is dragged.
That is - the tabs are still drawn as if a tab wasn't released.

Janek Kozicki                               http://janek.kozicki.pl/  |

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