Re: Dark-Tab theme modifications

fuchur said:     (by the date of Mon, 30 Aug 2010 22:16:26 +0200)

> >- how to draw the window title text as centered?
> Search for the line "(foreground . ,title-colors-images)" in
> theme.jl and add
> (y-justify . center)
> (x-justify . center)

thank you! this works :-)
> >- how to disable program icon on top left corner?
> I have add and use the icon to switch to
> Dark-Left/Right/Bottom themes with left middle right mouse click,
> look here:

Yes I have seen this - very impressive. It would be great if the
title text was rotated by 90 degrees too :-) In fact I don't want to
disable this feature (maybe I will adapt other four themes also to
imitate my favourite ,,mxflat look''). I only want to remove the
program icon because for me it is a waste of precious pixels.
Switching between four themes could be assigned to some other button,
the best if it was a customized binding, which could be assigned to

> (the themes is Smoothly(Left/Right/Bottom)-Tab but it use the same
> theme.jl code). You can disable the icon under ((class . tab-l) by 
> (foreground . ,(lambda (w) (window-icon w))) and 
> (background . ,tab-left-icon-images) in theme.jl

you mean to remove those two lines? It didn't help, there is now an
empty never-drawn square in place of those icons. I've also set 

  (defvar dark-tab:show-window-icons nil)

but still it doesn't help. I tried changing "Width of tab's left-edge
decoration" but doesn't help either. What I am missing?

See attached screenshot to see what I'm currently having.

> >>There seems to be a bug somewhere, that after releasing a window the
> >>titlebar of both windows is not redrawn until a window is dragged.
> >>That is - the tabs are still drawn as if a tab wasn't released.
> Now i can reproduces this. It's happens if you use key bindings and not
> by mouse click. Right? Then you can try this patch:

Actually not, it is Super-Button3-Click. But In fact I was also using
a keyboard binding and it didn't work at all... and still doesn't.
Recall that I have, should I go to 1.7.0 from GIT ?

Now, with your patch one of those windows is refreshed, and another is not.
- the window that has all the tabs in it is refreshed
- the freshly released window still is not refreshed

But in fact if I want to release a window from tabgroup I want also
to move it away, is it possible with a single binding?

Currently I have:

Super-Next 'tab raise left window'
Super-Prior 'tab raise right window'
Super-Button1-Click 'tab add to group'
Super-Button3-Click 'tab release window'

And I would like to have:

Super-Button1-Click 'tab add to group'
Super-Button1-Move  'tab release window and move it interactively'

do you think it's possible?

Another thing - I recall now that frame "overlapping" bug (shown on
attached screenshot) was known for some time. It is still an unsolved

And last thing - I like my windows to have "corners" thicker by one
pixel. This is shown in green on attached screenshot. In mxflat theme
I could configure the width of those corners. In Dark-Tab I have
edited *border*png images to have one row of pixels transparent
except on the edges. But Now this corner size depends on the window
width, while in mxflat it was constant. Perhaps this is too difficult
to do. Why do I like it? When a window is maximized I can still reach
the sawfish menu by middle click on desktop, because there's one
pixel on the edges of the screen where background is still visible
and clickable.

thanks a lot for your help :-) and best regards
Janek Kozicki                       |

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