Re: [README] looking for translators

Am Fri, 27 Aug 2010 16:52:12 +0800
schrieb Wang Lei <f3d27b gmail com>:

> 10 days passed, finally i finish this translation. please check it out.
> There are some place i don't know how to translate. And i found some
> msgids are not up-to-date. I've tried to pull the latest po file, but
> perhaps it's not managed by git. So post this out-of-date file now.
> It's far from a real finished work.

I've commited an updated sawfish.pot. Translations are never maintained by GIT.

cd po
./make-pot #creates sawfish.pot (unecessary, as I just commited one)
./ zh_CN #udpates your .po file against sawfish.pot

That's it.


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