Re: Compilation Issue

On Mon, 23 Aug 2010 07:01:11 +0100, zanghar freenet de wrote:
> Does invoking sawfish 1.7.0 with --5-buttons fix the issue?

What's supported is keyboard "group" switching, by ISO_Next_Group or
so, bound to some key, for example ctrl + alt. If you need it, Andrew,
then you have to get the source from the git repository, or its snapshot
tarball. (See the wiki "Download" page: )

If you prefer, say, US layout, then choosing "US layout" mostly works,
I think, even if what you've got is a Japanese keyboard. (Some keys don't.)

If per-window-layout collides with Sawfish, it's probably impossible
to fix it, sorry.

After you change the keyboard layout by Gnome tool or so (perhaps
setxkbmap is invoked internally), a restart is necessary.

Anata wa nihongo o hanashi-masu-ka, Adamusu-san? Atsui desu ne.
(Do you speak Japanese, Adamusu-san? It's hot, eh? :)

Teika (Teika kazura)

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