Session Restoring All Windows on First Workspace


After getting a new laptop I decided to enter the modern world and say
farewell to Window Maker after a decade... upon seeing that Sawfish was
maintained I was rather happy (ah, a WM extensible with Lisp that isn't

After a week of figuring out how all of the new desktop magic works I
have a working sawfish setup except for one thing: when I logout and
login all of my window are restored on workspace 0.

I am running:

 - Debian testing
 - git sawfish/librep/etc
 - gnome-session 2.30.2-1

My .xsession consists only of 'exec gnome-session'

I've attached the session file sawfish seems to be saving (not sure if
it uses it?). The (workspaces . ...) property is being saved, and it
*seems* to be restored, and yet the windows are still being restored on
workspace 0.

Any ideas?

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