Re: Questionnaire 3 on Sawfish usage

2010/8/7 Teika Kazura <teika lavabit com>
Hi, here comes the third questionnaire on Sawfish usage.
The previous results are summarized at:

1. What's your theme? Any comments on Sawfish theme?

Step tabbed. Quite simple, a bit buggy, but satisfy my aesthetic preferences. Combined with GTK-GNUstep completely satisfy me.
2. Why you switched to Sawfish? Is there any feature lacking in
  Sawfish, but was present in your previous window manager?
  (a question by Alexey Froloff. Sorry Alexey for postponing a year.)

Flexibility. With some minimal knowledge of lisp is enough for adding some small missed features, or automate regular tasks.
3. What's your trayer, if you're using Sawfish standalone?
  (by Daniel Fetchinson)

Using sawfish as WM for gnome. So no separate trayer.
4. How do you switch the window? After all, it's the window manager. :)

Usually don't switch windows switching workspace instead. Typical window layout -- one maximized window per workspace. Similar windows groupped in tabs. Switching workspaces with Meta+KP_Home,..., Meta+Ins. 10 workspaces is enough for all my needs
5. Do you switch the screen resolution? If so, tell us your related
  hacks, or what you want there.

never switching resolution.

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