Re: [ANNOUNCE] rep-gtk-0.18.4 (other scheme..)

eli barzilay org (2009-05-03 at 2206.24 -0400):
> > I think the advantage of guile is that it's used by gimp, [...]
> No -- the gimp plan was to eventually move to guile, but this was
> never done (IIRC, the reason given was that it's too big or something
> like that).  So it's still using a very small (and not really good)
> Scheme interpreter.  FWIW, I think that sawfish is in a different

The replaced it, SIOD -> TinyScheme (still not Guile). IIRC the
interface is still generic, created by the C part, no GTK+ bindings at

> place which justifies a good language: Gimp uses Scheme for writing
> automated scripts but it's a C application -- whereas sawfish is
> mostly written in Scheme (and with a good language, even more can move
> to Scheme, making it easier to hack).

I have some issues understanding what you say, so to make things clear
for everyone: Gimp just runs the scripts via the Script-fu plugin, it
is a long way before there is any recording. People are the ones that
write scripts, by hand (OK, maybe someone wrote a code generating
script...); some even did it in Perl-fu (Perl bindings, different
approach than Script-fu, with access to GTK+ if you want, etc) and
other langs... now the most common due to support and simplicity to be
learn is probably Python-fu (binding again).

It is a bit messy, and yes, completly different case (SF vs GIMP
needs). :]


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