Re: [ANNOUNCE] rep-gtk-0.18.4 (other scheme..)

Harald Hanche-Olsen <hanche math ntnu no> writes:

> + "Chengqi(Lars) Song" <songcq gmail com>:
>> I think im running off topic but I'm a little bit curious about
>> rep': why should we maintain a scheme implementation just for this
>> software? can we just implement sawfish upon other scheme
>> implementation such as gnu-guile/mit-scheme or plt-scheme? that'
>> would be a lot relaxing for maintainers.
> Do these other schemes have modules, rep style? Also, there is the
> integration with C code to be considered. It's probably not trivial to
> port the whole package to those other implementations you mention.

Guile has modules that, i think, are functionally equivalent to rep's,
but the syntax differs (rep module syntax is very close, if not
identical, to that of scsh/scheme48). The gap could probably be closed
by some macro definitions, or just a semi-automatic rewrite of jl files.

Regarding integration with C code, Guile is quite good at it (being one
of its initial design goals), and there exist good bindings to gtk+ (and
the whole Gnome library suite). IMHO, a port to Guile is perfectly
possible; but of course it needs some work :)


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