Re: [ANNOUNCE] rep-gtk-0.18.4 (other scheme..)

On May  4, Chengqi(Lars) Song wrote:
> it seems there is a bunch of existing implementations of lisp with
> gtk binding. so is there anyway to use them directly instead of
> maintaining rep and rep-gtk, which could be a heavy work when gtk
> updates?

I can only speak for PLT: currently, there are several gtk bindings
(btw, the ffi that we have is a dynamic one, so playing with bindings
is extremely easy), but they're not maintained too well.  However, the
GUI interface that we have is currently being based on an old fork of
wxwindows -- but we're currently in the process of switching it all to
Scheme, which will include a GTK interface.  Once that is done, this
interface will be *very* well maintained, since DrScheme (the main PLT
application, which is used very widely) crucially depends on this.

I don't how much difference there is between a gtk subset that is
important for a gui and for a wm, but the gtk support that will be
part of plt will be very easy to use directly.

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