Failure of sawfish to build with Fedora 11

I have a curious failure to build sawfish on F11.  From the build log:
RPM build errors:
File not found: /home/alland/rpmbuild/BUILDROOT/sawfish-1.5.0-1.i386/rep/i686-pc-linux-gnu/sawfish

which is quite true, the place where the files are at is:

Same code on F10 works as advertised.  Suggestions welcome.
I have logs of the run and the rpm build if helpful.

There is also an error that has been around for a while that doesn't break
the  build:
main.c:41:19: error: build.h: No such file or directory

build.h is created _after_ it is used in main.c, but with the same
timestamp as main.o, so maybe there is a race between threads or

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