[REP-GTK] Replaced GtkPreview with GtkColorButton

Hi all,

I just began updating rep-gtk to the gtk+ 2.12 API (wee, the
glue-code-creator is much more powerfull than I expected (thanks JSH)).

Of course I began with the easiest step: updating the gtkenums (which
is already finished!)

I also removed 4 deprecated apis from rep-gtk, one of them is used in
sawfish-ui: GtkPreview - I replaced it with GtkColorButton.

Since sawfish-ui would not display groups containing a colorchooser,
rep-gtk shipps the gcb.patch, which replaces GtkPreview by
GtkColorButton in lisp.sawfish.gtk.color-preview (apply to sawfish).

Question: sawfish 1.5.0 requires librep 0.90.0 (for UTF8 support), do
you want me to apply the gcb.patch to sawfish-1.5.0 and make it require
rep-gtk 0.90.0, too? (both 0.90.0 would be released together (or a few
days before) sawfish 1.5.0)

read the rep-gtk ChangeLog for a much more detailed list of api changes!

And as I already said several times: rep-gtk is open to all, the more
people working on it, the earlier it's finished :)

Have Fun (and leave some comments),

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