sawfish identity, gnome, etc.

On Tue, 7 Jul 2009 11:23:12 -0700, Daniel Fetchinson wrote:
> Well, I actually have been using sawfish standalone without gnome or
> kde since it appeared in redhat.

I'm using Sawfish standalone, too.

>> Common things noobs think about sawfish (not a joke):
>> - Too many functions, which no one needs (the argument that you just
>>   don't know them and therefore can't say if you would need them is not
>>   of interest)
>> - Bad Usability (well this is that sawfish-ui is shit therefore
>>   sawfish is also shit thingy)
>> - It's not part of most Distros - can't be good
>> Of course this is only a group of users and not all.
>> This may sound pesimistic, but: I absolutely don't care how many users
>> are using Sawfish, for me it's the Ultimate Windowmanager, regardless
>> of anyone else, so you don't have to fear to get rid of me :p
> I think what would attract the right kinds of users is a clear message
> about the intended audience. It should be clear from the project page
> who are expected to use sawfish and for whom probably it's not a good
> choice. If this policy is clear then the effort can go into convincing
> the right kinds of users and no effort will be wasted on preaching to
> people who will not care anyway. For example it might be the case that
> gnome 3 is not compatible with sawfish anymore, but is this a problem?
> I don't think so. I don't know how many gnome users use sawfish but
> I'd think much more are using sawfish standalone.
> Similarly, the main effort I think should go into making sawfish as
> good as possible for standalone mode because these users are the
> natural audience who are really committed to sawfish.

Only a few develop today, and each do what they want to do. So we don't
have to care = can't care of the "intended audience".

Though I don't use desktop environments, DE's are important. Proof:
many need it. (As I said I believe in popularity.) One more proof is
that Chris switched from gnome to kde; he needs a DE despite of G2K
transition labor. But Gnome's WM-phobia can't be helped by us. Let's
hope non-metacity gnome users grumble surge.

But yes,
>> - Bad Usability (well this is that sawfish-ui is shit therefore
>>   sawfish is also shit thingy)
can be a common reaction. Sawfish currently is not for such people.

Teika (Teika kazura)

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