Re: Requirements in release

Hi, dear sawfish lovers. Thank you for your words.

On Tue, 7 Jul 2009 19:42:12 +0200, Christopher Roy Bratusek wrote:
>> I wonder if you could prepare, say, a checklist of release
>> procedure.
> Well, this checklist does (imaginarly) exist, but is not failsafe
> [...] But of course you're right, that this should not happen again.

I see, thank you for your effort.

>> Just a delay of two weeks or so can make [news readability] far
>> better. 
> I'm sorry Teika, I wanted to do the release finally, as it already
> delayed 4/5 weeks. [...] 1.6.0 is definitively to be released on
> the 22nd of December, so feature freeze is end of November and we can
> then better handle stuff like that. 

Deadline makes the progress, yes, but why do you care so much? Is
gnome inter-operatability related? There're (almost) always
competition between release earliness and quality, and the solution
depends. Anyway, we learn from experience. So let's hope that we'll do
better next time.

>> Popularity is the power. Some reports, what's good and bad (or bugs).
>> They help. Some subscribe ML. A few contribute in ML. A few of few 
>> develops.
>> Anyway, thanks a lot for all. I was happy when I knew Sawfish was
>> resurrected. Now we see a boom come. Another will come.
> A boom? You mean much more Sawfish users? Sorry, but if you're thinking
> this way, I think you're wrong:

You're right. I meant zoom, gee, wow, by "boom" ;)

> Oh well, and in the last half year there have more unsubscriptions than
> subscriptions, but more users are monitoring librep/rep-gtk/sawfish on
>, the IRC is pratically dead (I only have had 2 (in words: two)
> discussions there the last half year), so I would say: The userbase did
> not change that much.

This is I, and perhaps many wanted to know. Not great, but not bad.

> This may sound pesimistic, but: I absolutely don't care how many users
> are using Sawfish, for me it's the Ultimate Windowmanager, regardless
> of anyone else, so you don't have to fear to get rid of me :p

Chris and I don't share taste here, but Chris' attitude is one of what
promotes free softwares. (Of course I agree it's best-of-best.)

Teika (Teika kazura)

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