Requirements in release

On Sat, 4 Jul 2009 12:51:28 +0200, Christopher Roy Bratusek wrote:
> schrieb Daniel Fetchinson <fetchinson googlemail com>:
>> Why can't the packaged archive contain a reasonable configure
>> script to begin with?
>> [...]
>> In any case the user experience could be increased greatly if the
>> installation of sawfish would not involve all sorts of trickery,
>> but the simple
>> ./configure
>> make
>> make install
>> cycle on each of the dependencies (librep, rep-gtk, sawfish).
> ... well, normally it is shipped, somehow I forgot it for 0.18.6 (...)

Daniel Fetchinson is right.

Chris, I'm sorry that we may rely too much on you, but the release is
important, especially "big ones" like sawfish-1.5. I wonder if you
could prepare, say, a checklist of release procedure. (Of course it
can contain a line or two of "Press Teika to do this tiresome job." I
can't refuse. Ouch ;) Because there's an interval between big version
changes, it's easy to forget this and that and etc., etc. It can also
help at the maintainer-ship transfer.

One more thing I'd like to point out is that the news items are terse.
Just a delay of two weeks or so can make it far better. Clearly what
lacks though there should be is the tab usage.  In fact, I was upset
by the 1.5 release, and I quickly fixed a small manual on wiki:
At least, there should be the pointer in news.texi to it. Please put
it on 1.5.1 / 1.6.
(Yes, focus-revert is important, too, but to make it short, I skip it
Rewinding time a week, I was about to write the last cleanup of
NEWS for 1.5.

For ordinary softwares, I expect things go out-of-box, or at least
there accompanies a decent manual. If not, I curse, "d***, [...]".

Because I like sawfish, this is not the case for me on sawfish,
but PLEASE LISTEN, many users swear, and for them sawfish is not

Popularity is the power. Some reports, what's good and bad (or bugs).
They help. Some subscribe ML. A few contribute in ML. A few of few 

Anyway, thanks a lot for all. I was happy when I knew Sawfish was
resurrected. Now we see a boom come. Another will come.

With best regards,
Teika (Teika kazura)

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