Re: Build librep error: autoheader: warning: missing template: XXXXXXXXX

On Wed, Jan 28, 2009 at 10:05:49PM +1100, Allan Duncan wrote:
> Ian Zimmerman wrote:
> >Allan> So I got the latest from F11 development, but I am now getting
> >Allan> complaints that I have 2.2.6 not 2.2.2 - a bit too restrictive on
> >Allan> versions?
> >
> >Does libtolize --force --copy after autogen help at all?
> >
> >This is why I hate the autotools ... and particularly libtool.
> I'll have a look.  The whole process of making an RPM is cludgy,
> I first have to run to create a heap of things, including
> librep.spec, then repackage it all up for feeding into rpmbuild.

Well, no.  If you will do that then you will end up with a
definitely broken source package which is good only for one
particular version of autotools.  You run as a part of
%build section instead.

The problem is that depending on a version of libtoolize
you need for it an --install option or it such option is not
accepted at all.  To get around that I do in spec files something
like this:

%if %( t="$(libtoolize --version | sed -n '1s/.* //p')"; \
        t="${t%%%%.*}"; [ "$t" -a $t -le 1 ]; echo $?)
%define ltv 2

and later in %prep section

%if %{defined ltv}
%patch1 -p1 -b .m4conf

where such patch modifies accordingly a suitable script.

I did not look at the latest changes yet but source packages with
such spec files worked for me the same in Fedora-rawhide and Fedora
9 and CentoOS5.


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