Re: Viewport save pointer & focus

Janek Kozicki wrote:

> ... Did you check out mi viewport undo-redo?

I change the viewport with Shift + arrow keys, and it's comfy enough for
me, so to be honest, 'viewport undo-redo' doesn's sound so attractive 
for me. One more reason is that I use 2x2 viewports, so undo-redo does
not seem sufficient. How do you switch the viewport? 

The goals of both seem identical; to resume the previous work
in a handy way. Eventually they may come into the trunk.
I'm not sure what to do with the workspace, but I think viewport
replaces workspace, because the latter is only one-dimensional.
Now I recall that one reason I liked Sawfish was that it supported
# I don't know why J Harper didn't like it. If I remember correctly, 
# he said viewport was not popular, so it wasn't necessary.

> I gotta try it.

Undo-redo uses hook, but mine doesn't. It's probable that they
don't cooperate well.

If you say you can't live without both, :-/, I may make it. (But it'll
require a one-liner patch, for 'viewport-pre-move-hook', and rewriting
of mine.)

> I use it all the time, and it's great :)
> ...
> And now horizontal scrolling is not working anymore for me.
> I decided that I use this jumping more often than to scroll
> horizontally some document :)

Let me state my case.
Shift + arrow is rarely used, but when I started to use emacs
org-mode last year, it needs them, so I had to rebind them. Shift +
arrows for sawfish (of course! Sawfish comes first.) and Shift + Ctrl 
for org. The latter is less frequently used, so not much trouble.

Each loves sawfish in their own way. 'De gustibo' something.

Teika kazura

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