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GSR - FR wrote:

So long? Wow... I thought there was some extras some weeks ago.

this is what I found as a proper wiki:

the rest are a couple a thread discussions during August 2008, they contain a good deal but sparse set of ideas and specific details.

I want to change the tab's text, in a per window basis, with a text that

Why do you want to change the text via prompts? For my collection of
"what it is, what it needs". You never know, maybe I just jump into
coding it. ;]

For a while I gave a try to kconsole. It is neat to have many shells open at once within one frame. After a few minutes of switching around shells you decide to dedicate one for X, another for Y and even another one for Z, and so on. At that moment you then set on-the-fly their tabs names to X, Y and Z, for their easy access in the short future.

On this regard, it is important from my point of view that window's names and tab's texts are kept independent. I like Toyberg-Alt-FB because you see both at the same time (at least for the top most window in the tab group).

I have tuned tabgroup.jl to my taste (use Toyberg-Alt-FB for windows tabbed together and Toyberg for single windows). I will really like to get an update of current ideas about tabs in sawfish. No tabs is no fun!

The current ideas seem to be that it is slightly complex, current
method is a bit hackish and last coder is highly busy. I keep on
thinking about it, but did not get much feedback from last posts.

I managed now to set the tab's text properly. Using (prompt) I get the text string, put it into a window's attribute and in the theme I hardcoded a lambda that gets that attribute instead of the default window-name (Toyberg-Alt-FB's default, at least).

Hardcoding in theme the name of this custom window's attribute does not look right, but it works. Deja-vu, I feel doing something that somebody else has figured out better than me (lisp is rough on me), that's the reason for my original posting.



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