Re: on tabs

ramestica nrao edu (2009-01-20 at 1923.44 -0500):
> I'm not sure where to look here for information and current status. 
> August last year there was some discussion about tabs and how to define 
> and implement them. But I'm not sure of current status and I cannot find 
> a tabs dedicated wiki in the sawfish web page.

So long? Wow... I thought there was some extras some weeks ago.

> I want to change the tab's text, in a per window basis, with a text that 
> I could provide by means of (prompt). I'm wondering whether somebody 
> already knows how to do this, I have been working something but as soon 
> as I change the 'text' attribute in that frame's part (tab) for the in 
> focus window (set-window-frame) all tabs get updated with the same name. 
> Not the desired effect!

Why do you want to change the text via prompts? For my collection of
"what it is, what it needs". You never know, maybe I just jump into
coding it. ;]

> I have tuned tabgroup.jl to my taste (use Toyberg-Alt-FB for windows 
> tabbed together and Toyberg for single windows). I will really like to 
> get an update of current ideas about tabs in sawfish. No tabs is no fun!

The current ideas seem to be that it is slightly complex, current
method is a bit hackish and last coder is highly busy. I keep on
thinking about it, but did not get much feedback from last posts.


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