on tabs


I'm not sure where to look here for information and current status. August last year there was some discussion about tabs and how to define and implement them. But I'm not sure of current status and I cannot find a tabs dedicated wiki in the sawfish web page.

I want to change the tab's text, in a per window basis, with a text that I could provide by means of (prompt). I'm wondering whether somebody already knows how to do this, I have been working something but as soon as I change the 'text' attribute in that frame's part (tab) for the in focus window (set-window-frame) all tabs get updated with the same name. Not the desired effect!

I have tuned tabgroup.jl to my taste (use Toyberg-Alt-FB for windows tabbed together and Toyberg for single windows). I will really like to get an update of current ideas about tabs in sawfish. No tabs is no fun!


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